Про Україну & Відвідувані міста


Facts about Ukraine


Full country name: Ukraine

Area: 603,628 sq km (233,062 sq mi)

Population: 48.4 million (67% urban and 33% of rural residents)

Capital city: Kyiv (pop. over 3 mill.)

Other large cities: Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovs'k, Donetsk, Lviv, Odessa.

People: Ukrainians 77.8%; principal minorities include Russians, Belarusians, Romanians, Tatars

Language: Ukrainian.

Exchange rates : You can always find information about the recent currency exchange rates on the Internet and exchange your money in special exchange offices and banks. But nowadays the exchange rates are around:

1$ = ~ 25 UAH  

1€ = ~ 28 UAH

Mind: You will need to exchange money. You can exchange it at the railway  station/airport or withdraw it  from ATM.

Religion: Ukrainian Orthodox, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox, Ukrainian Catholic, Protestant, Jewish etc.

Currency: 1 Hryvnya (UAH) = 100 kopiyok

Government: Unitary semi-presidential republic

Political Division: 24 oblasts (regions)

President: Petro Poroshenko

Climate: Ukraine has a mostly temperate continental climate, average annual temperatures range from 5,5–7 °C in the North, to 11–13 °C in the South.

But the temperature frames are -30 in winter to +30 in summer

Emergency numbers: Firemen -101, 
Police - 102, Ambulance - 103.

Interesting facts

The Ukrainians are usually excited when they meet tourists from other countries. There are legends (or maybe not legends; you are about to check it yourself) about Ukrainian hospitality.  You might have a chance to get to the Ukrainian home where the mother of your friend will care for you more than for him/her. You will probably be shocked how much food we eat for breakfast, and how tasty our national cuisine is.

Altough Ukraine is not one of the traditional popular travel destinations yet, this country is really worth it! We have a lot to show: from endless natural miracles to 7 UNESCO world heritage sites. Two out of seven of those are situated in Kyiv, one in Lviv, 2 in the Carpathians - don't miss the chance to see them with your own eyes!

Your mom still doesn't allow you to go to Ukraine for safety reasons? Just imagine, the distance between the Ukrainian Summer University locations and the conflict zone at the Donbas region is more than 700 km – it is like the length of Slovakia and the Czech Republic altogether. We made sure that all locations, which we have chosen, are very safe, calm and friendly. 

Have you ever seen a pink snail? If you haven't, be ready to see lots of them at Kyiv streets. These cute snails are actually mobile coffee machines, riding through the city and delivering amazing coffee. Besides their fancy and surprising appearance, we can also promise you this coffee is one of the tastiest you've ever tried!

Many more interesting facts you are going to discover yourself when you come here :)

Visited Cities

Welcome to the unforgettable country Ukraine(the largest country in Europe), where AEGEE-Kyiv will make you absolutely mad and happy. Ukraine is a young country(since 1991) but an old nation(more than 700 years old). Ukraine has mountains in the west and 2 seas in the south(Black and Azov). We have more than 42 millions of people.


The city of lions, coffee and chocolate keeps its secrets for versed travellers to reveal them. While the capital of Ukraine is said to be the heart of the country, Lviv is often called its soul. Full of mysteries, this stunningly beautiful city will be a decent beginning of the adventurous trip.

The Carpathian mountains

The “Wild West” of Ukraine is ready to fascinate its visitors. This untouched location is both inviting and full of enigmatic places, where, it seems, one can easily meet mythical creatures in the thick of ancient woods or misty mountains. Still those mountains are the best place for active tourists, willing to spend some really breathtaking time there.


The majestic capital of Ukraine will be the third place to welcome the participants of this adventure. The mother of old cities, glorious Kyiv, situated on the banks of astounding Dnipro river, is an excellent place to discover unique atmosphere, created by the combination of royal-looking central parts and modern districts of the city. The heart of Ukraine, it is famous for its beautiful views, kind people and probably the best street coffee in the country. According to unofficial data Kyiv has more than 5 million of population.


Severe exclusion zone is still a closed area in Ukraine. However, extreme tourists are usually excited by the idea of going there to see it 30 years after the notorious accident. Abandoned houses, messy kindergartens, schools, shops, scattered stuff… It looks sad, frightening and thought-provoking at the same time. Have you seen scary movies about abandoned places? If you are brave enough, you can live them real!


The pearl of the Black Sea - that is how poetically this city is usually called. But even though the sea is called “Black”, it will be the brightest blue sea you have ever seen. Together with sandy beaches, monumental architecture and impressing city views it creates truly gorgeous image. Moreover, Odessa people are known to have the best sense of humour among Ukrainians!