Picnic + AEGEE = Teambuilding

09 September 2017
09 September 2017

Summer ends, work, training, worries begin. Autumn always brings a bit of grief over the summer days, but for us it always brings new opportunities. This autumn is exactly for us, because we have many interesting projects, new initiatives and impressions. Someone will bring an unforgettable experience, new friends and help develop. That's why we invite all of you to meet us on 9 September in the lawn for AEGEE Teambuolding. We will introduce you to the course of cases in the next 3 months and you will immediately be able to choose your task to taste. We'll tell you more about the teams and their tasks at upcoming events, and most importantly, together, we will be able to listen to stories from older universities, exchanges, schools and other projects :)

What are we going to say:

1. Ukrainian-German Exchange "YOUrope: Interchanging Hopes and Challenges of EU Participation", which will be held in Kiev and Heidelberg. Kyiv residents will host the guests on October 6-12.

2. NWM in Kyiv. Ukraine - EU-You, which will be held in Kyiv on November 9-12.

3. Local Agora and the opportunity to become a Board Member :)

4. AEGEE-Kyiv! How do we see it.